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Worker’s Compensation

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Unfortunately, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer is not focused on giving you the maximum compensation for your injuries. The insurance company is concentrating on protecting their bottom line with the ultimate goal of avoiding unnecessary expenses. To ensure that you get a fair settlement and an accurate evaluation of your injuries, you need an experienced advocate on your side. If you are in Southern Maryland, you need The Dorsey Law Firm.

No one should suffer a workplace injury in silence. No matter how seemingly minor the damage appears, it could still prevent you from doing your job and could progress into a permanent or disabling injury.

The attorneys of The Dorsey Law Firm are here to stand up for your rights and guide you through the complex process of filing a workers’ comp claim. The process is more complicated that simply submitting a form. Do not minimize your injuries or ignore them. You have the legal right to request workers’ compensation benefits if you are hurt on the job (or even off the job site if you are performing duties that are in the scope of your employment). Many people try to handle the matter on their own, feel overwhelmed and then just give up. Do not give up — we are here to help.

Whether you have suffered a repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel or have been exposed to toxic chemicals, you may need help detailing the nature of your injury and proving the true extent of the damage you have suffered. We regularly work with investigators and medical experts to document and support your case.

Our results-oriented approach can mean the difference between a denied claim and a comprehensive settlement that covers your medical bills, lost wages and future rehabilitation costs.